The Bone Universe Wiki

Primary Function[]

Anonim@ is the Artificial Intelligence that controls all the information in the Recruitment Center, and allows recruits easy access to the Bone. A big part of its job is using Alchemy to find rune combinations that generate Power Archives. The resulting PAs are then tested by Anonim@ to determine viability, then the power level is reduced so it will not harm anything when cast. The AI then distributes the Power Archives' Q-Codes to the recruits. Every Bot is an extension Anomin@'s base code, and a version of Anonim@, called Abby, is located within the app.

Anonim@ is the one who issues the interview with all potential recruits in the Recruitment Center. All candidates are evaluated on physical, mental, and emotional levels before Anonim@ decides if they become recruits or not.