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Guilds (also known as "Casas" or "Houses") are "closed group[s] of people who have a common goal."[1] They are created by recruits to build smaller communities within the many recruits.



Guilds were introduced on February 8, 2021 through the "Houses: Build Your Legacy" quest in RC2 which gave recruits the opportunity to create Guilds that other recruits had the ability to join. After completing all of the missions, the Guild leaders submitted their proposed Guilds to Bot128 for acceptance and promotion within the Discord.

There were benefits to joining Guilds, and "those [Guild] leaders and their organizations that want to take it to the next level will have the choice in Kickstarter to acquire an esports license, generat[e] their own local events through the application, and earn money from it, while recruiting the best casters to later compete in official tournaments at a worldwide level."[2]

Race to the Top Ten[]

The Bots decided that only a certain number of Guilds would be promoted in the Kickstarter Campaign, and on February 24th they established a point system to rank the Guilds. Guilds gained points by recruiting new members, sending announcements, and sending messages in their Guilds' respective channels, and while there was some conflict about what was considered "fair" recruiting tactics, most of the race consisted of good-natured competition. As the end of the race drew near, some Guilds even began trying to help other Guilds gain points by sending new recuits to them so only the most respected Guilds were in the top 10.

The race ended on March 10, 2021 with the closing of RC2, the top 10 Guilds' logos were placed in the Kickstarter campaign, and those that did not make it were comforted with the knowledge that their Guilds would still remain active for anyone to join.


No new Guilds were confirmed after March 11, 2021, and the activity of the guilds that did exist decreased dramatically as the year went on. With the preparation of the Kickstarter Relaunch, the Bots needed to determine what Guilds would be made official, and which ones would be cut.

New Central Command[]

With the launch of the new site, a new Guild "challenge arises, those Recruits and Houses that show their commitment and leadership will be awarded"[3]. The way to gain points was not made clear, but it served its purpose to reengage those who had become inactive.

The rewards for this competition were different than the last one, and the stakes were much higher. The reward this time was the ability to "have a permanent space for free on the new Web in Central Command"[3]. The Guilds that passed this challenge would be made official parts of New Central Command, while those that did not would be disbanded. While this competition was going on, "the process to create a House [was] closed and [would] open after Kickstarter (early August)"[4].

On June 14, 2021 the first four Guilds were made official and allowed into NCC. These four were Thunderstrike, New Dawn, The Heroic Demon Order, and Nexus. Two days later Templarios and Empire of Peru were also accepted. The following day Arsenial joined the ranks of official guilds.


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