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The Bone was developed in mid-2019 by a group of engineers working with CERN. It was designed to locate and manipulate Universal Particles. Because the physicists "had been calling their discovery 'matter’s backbone' this [system] became known as 'the Bone.'"[1]

This system was originally made up of three separate devices: a Universal Particle Detector (UPD), a Quantum Condensation Matrix (QCoM), and an Electronic Particle Manipulator (EPM). The UPD was a handheld scanner that connected to CERN’s computer system and analyzed the surrounding area for UPs, the QCoM analyzed the quantic code of the particle and extracted it in a safe way, and the EPM was a machine that allowed the physicists to manipulate the collected particles for experimentation.

As the physicists' experiments grew more extensive, they needed a way to test outside of the laboratory. They managed to integrate the QCoM and the UPD into a single device, and the EPM was optimized to the point of being able to fit in one’s hand. They also developed a way to have a smartphone show a visual representation of the UPs to the scientists, and a head-mounted mirror to keep their hands free. This is the Bone that was available when the New World Affairs Commission was given control of the project.

When the Commission decided to open the first Recruitment Center, they wanted the Bone to be more accessible for everyone. So the engineers figured out how to apply their UPD and QCoM to smartphone hardware and built the first Bone app. This app allowed recuits to find and absorb Universal Particles, however, the EPM still had to be its own separate device. The recruits became fairly proficient with this system and did things the physicists hadn’t thought possible, including discovering ways to have battles with each other. However, the current version of the EPM was not designed for battle and could have unexpected results when used in that manner.

When the Invertebrates attacked the Recruitment Center, they stole all of the Commission’s Particles, resources, and every EPM from the recruits. They tried to fight back using the EPMs but they were unsuccessful. Fortunately, the recruits still had the Bone on their phones and the Commission was able to recreate the EPMs.

This time the Commission knew that war was upon them so they designed new, combat focused EPMs that were more than just Manipulators, they were Electronic Weapons. This version became known as E-pons (­­`ē-pahn). Three new sections of the app were also developed to improve combat. An Alchemy lab to experiment and create Power Archives, a Battle Simulator to help strategize and try out the Archives, and a heads-up display to allow Casters to keep track of their Universal Particles as well as help them remember how to cast specific Power Archives. A Headset was also developed so Casters did not have to carry their phones into battle. The combination of the Bone App, an E-pon, and a Headset make up a single set of Caster Gear.

As of now, only one type of E-pon has been fully developed—the E-wand, a well-rounded E-pon that is useful for all styles of Casting. Other E-pons, like an E-glove and E-bow, have been mentioned but progress on those is not available.

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