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There are two different types of Recruiment Centers. The virtual Recruitment Center which has had many names, and the physical Recruitment Centers purchasable through the Kickstarter Campaign. This page discusses the history of the virtual ones; for the physical ones go here

Recruitment Center[]

The first Recruitment Center (RC) was opened in February of 2020 by the New World Affairs Commission to begin spreading awareness about The Bone. To keep track of all of the information in the RC and to allow Recruits an easy way to access data regarding Universal Particles, an artificial intelligence called Anonim@ was designed. Individuals who wanted to join were interviewed by Anonim@ and, if they met the necessary physical, mental, and emotional requirements they were given access to the Bone.

Two months later the RC was attacked by the Invertebrates, the recruits were disbanded, and the RC closed. Anonim@ also seemed to be lost and there was little hope for the future of the Bone. Two of the Commissioners, Red and White, regrouped as Central Command. They recompiled Anonim@ and began gathering the recruits again. This time, for battle.

Central Command[]

The recruits were tasked with deciphering the passwords to the vaults where Anonim@ had secured the Master Q-Code so they could recover the ability to create Power Archives. Although they tried for two months, the recruits failed, and the vaults self-destructed. The Central Command attacked the Commission themselves and recovered the Q-Code, but they lost many resources in the process. Central Command realized that the recruits they had were unprepared so they began a tournament in the Battle Simulator to further their training.

However they realized that the recruits they had, while powerful, were not enough, and they had to reopen the Recruitment Center (RC2).

Recruitment Center 2[]

RC2 opened in early November and contained quests that taught new recruits about the development of the Bone, Universal Particles, Alchemy, and how to get in contact with other recruits through a Discord server.

RC2 was also run by Anonim@, and the Discord, as an extension of RC2, contained Bots which were extensions of Anonim@.

In February of 2021, new quests opened which allowed recruits to join or make their own Guilds. These Guilds added a new element to the Discord as the Guild Leaders began competing to gain the most members.

The Command knew that these recruits were still not enough to spread the Bone to the rest of the world so they prepared to launch a Kickstarter Campaign. On March 10, 2021, RC2 closed, and all recruits shifted to trying to make the launch as successful as possible.

Central Recruitment Center[]

One month later, after the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled, the Central Recruitment Center (CRC) opened, and with it, new quests for the recruits. These quests, while still training new recruits, focused on spreading the Bone to as many people as possible. Whether that was on Reddit, reaching out to YouTubers, reporters, streamers, wikis, or fandoms, the CRC was dedicated to letting the world know about the Bone.

Unlike past RCs, the CRC was split into three branches: the Intelligence Branch, Information Branch, and Attack Branch. These three had different jobs, but worked together to accomplish the same task.

Intelligence Branch[]

The Intel Branch researched public personalities to see who would be willing to talk about the Bone on various platforms. Once they decided who would be a good option to reach out to, they began working with the Attack Branch.

Attack Branch[]

The Attack Branch did what the name suggests. Once the Intel Branch determined a good public target, the members of the Attack Branch reached out to them, commented on their posts, tried to get the Bone noticed by them.

Information Branch[]

The Info Branch was in charge of all of the in-house information. They were the ones who made YouTube videos, Instagram posts, wrote wiki and fandom articles, did anything to get more knowledge about the Bone out into the world.

Near the end of May the CRC was closed in preperation for a completely new system. The three branches stayed operational within the Discord, but all of the quests were once again closed.

New Central Command[]

On June 6, 2021 a new, centralized location for information and recruits was announced. This was going to collect recruits from all different platforms into a single location to ease the spread of information and combine their efforts in the war against the Invertebrates. It would be, as Chopper put it,

A place where you are awarded special permissions to access exclusive and confidential information, where data flows in both ways: [news], updates, discussion, quests, recent discoveries. A place for you to find the [Early] Access to our technology, download the Demo, manage your relationship with your House and others, and find Local Recruitment Centers you will assist in the future.[1]

With the NCC came a new guild competition. The way to score points was not made clear, but the rewards were:

... a definitive space within Central Command to the best Houses. They will be recognized as official, and new functionalities will be provided to communicate and evolve as a community. A place for you to continue recruiting players, organize and have a solid all-around House.[1]

This is the Recruitment Center that is currently active and is planning to be active for the forseeable future. Make an account here.