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Welcome, Recruits, to the Bone Universe Wiki.
This is where the CRC-Information Branch will be collecting all the information
about The Bone, a game by One Game Studio including
The Bone as a system, Universal Particles, Power Archives, Bots, Guilds, and more.
If you have any information, or want to be involved in the creation of this site,
please join the Information Branch within the Discord.

On this wiki you will find three different uses of the phrase The Bone. The Bone Universe is in reference to the fictional universe that this game is a part of. This includes Universal Particles, recruits, bots, Power Archives, etc. along with the other two uses of this phrase. The Bone System describes the technology developed by CERN to manipulate Universal Particles. Meaning the UPD, QCoM, EPM, E-pons, and the final use of the phrase: The Bone App. The app is exactly what it sounds like, it is the physical app developed by One Game Studio. When the app is mentioned, it will be in placed in the in-universe history and backstory.

Restu Kune

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