The Bone Universe Wiki

Universal Particles are the backbone of all matter. Discovered in February of 2019, by a group of physicists working at CERN, Universal Particles] are smaller than any particles previously discovered. This new particle gave off hints that it could lead to the next step in understanding quantum mechanics and even alter fundamental conceptions about matter.

The scientists finally stabilized this particle as a pin-point flash of white light. This White Particle gave off data that the scientists were not able to understand. No one had experimented with anything this fundamental before and the technology required for further study did not exist. All they knew was that this particle could, theoretically, alter the very essence of matter.

A team of engineers invented a system that would allow the scientists to not only experiment on the particle, but even control it. This system became known as "The Bone.”

Using the Bone the scientists were finally able to see why White Particles were giving off so much data. After many experiments, they discovered that by charging a White Particle with a specific amount of energy (exact amount Classified) it would split into six distinct but equal particles. These particles each had unique properties that aligned with their unique colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, and Magenta.

Combining these particles in different proportions allowed the scientists to alter the matter around them in unimaginable ways. The study of combining Universal Particles to achieve different effects is called Alchemy.

Once the Bone is released to the world, everyone will be able to collect, combine, and use Universal Particles to shape the world around them.